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Please address the chair!

This is not a sentence.

I can't come to the phone right now. He is tired from overwork. Doyle is a fur trader. A skilled mechanic makes decent money. You need not have bought the book. I can suggest to you some very good websites for your study. Give me one dollar for the book. There was no hope in sight. Modern jazz is not my line.

I knew they were lying! Oh, but that is a mundane matter! I was just having a little fun. Things were different then.

This building is new. She made me do it. Enjoy the moment. I need to know when to come. "He seemed like he was kind of flirting with you." "You think?" The loaf of bread was so fine that nobody could even describe it, for only in fairyland does one find such marvelous loaves. I was very proud of my son. I can only wait.

We had a little argument.

Leon has never told anyone. You are coming home late, right? Carlos Morel was the first Argentine painter. Do you happen to know what happened? Smoke poured out of the chimney. Books are the offspring of one's mind. Is Jesse a Canadian citizen? Why doesn't he hug me anymore?

I told Rajesh what I was planning to do. It's only a dream. He gave me money as well as advice. I had doubts. What're we doing here? Why are you learning French? Pull it down. I think I should go in alone. A total eclipse is only visible from a narrow strip (about 150 km wide) of the Earth's surface at any one time.

Joni slowly pushed open the door. Do you want me to tell you what I really think? I need some time for myself. I don't know them at all. I can see you. Dan spent hours scanning dozens of pages of Linda's diary.

He always wants to have the last word. Joseph is an amateur golfer. Where are our clothes made, and how are they being made? Look at what's become of me!

He had no other resource but to run away. When using this information, I will follow any conditions you specify, whether that's anonymity or giving detailed reference. You boob! I should not have asked you. We sat on the bench in the park. These aren't real.

Tor was here. Wouldn't it be fun to visit Boston together? Future prospects for ASEAN seem unstable, no matter how you look at it. The engine makes a strange noise.

We're proceeding on schedule. What was your first tattoo? Benjamin took it.